Sunday, April 23, 2006

Odds 'n' Ends (A mini-update)

The biggest art show in LA last week? Well, it was probably still the 8-BIT sequel, but it sure didn't seem that way if you were at Cartoon Network for the Fyn Stec Benefit Art Auction. It was LARGE; A huge night filled with plenty of old friends, and almost all of the original CN gang, most of whom hadn't been at the studio for years! Spirited bidding on an overflowing amount of artwork raised $41,131.00 for Fyn! (For more info, check out the latest post at Fyn's blog here.)

I'm in this picture if you look real close.

(Photos totally stolen from the TAG blog)

Many thanks to my pals Craig & Megan Lewis for their very generous winning bid for my piece! Craig has a crazy new cheezy green-screen puppets 'n' costumes Sid & Marty Krofft on acid kinda show coming up later this year on Adult Swim called SAUL OF THE MOLE PEOPLE. You can check out a lil' tease on YouTube right here:

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of JUXTAPOZ. No, it's not because it's got a Tusken Raider on the cover, it's 'cause inside there's a big interview with my pals Chris Reccardi & Lynne Naylor. Run to your local magazine stand or go here for more info.

Here's some new footage of POWERPUFF GIRLS Z that was floating around YouTube:

YAY ME! Last week my lil' blog passed the 10,000 hit mark! (and I've only been keeping track since late January... how many have I actually had since starting the blog back in November??) Since you're my audience, here's what I wanna find out from you:

What do you guys like to see here at Chris Battle Land? I'm trying to keep the mix fresh-- stuff from all of my past shows mixed in with new doodlings & occasional color works. Like the classic stuff? Like newer doodlings? Wanna see more step-by-step "process" posts? Want 20% more Chewbacca, 5% less Rubik the Amazing Cube??? Let me know!

Doodles will be happening next post. Lots of 'em. You were warned.


Jay D Smith said...

oh my god!!!

power puff girls z, one of the amoeba boys has turned into a moomin papa refrence!!!


Anonymous said...

Some more production artwork would be cool, Chris, for example, construction sheets...

T.J. Collins said...

i like it just how it is but 20% more chewbacca wouldn't be bad either....

Anonymous said...

lotsa production BGs and also model sheets either they're final or a big fan of your work man! i have this list of animators and artists blog and i've included you..sometimes it's frustrating to look at people's blogs who haven't been touched since like, the last ice age i know u guys are very busy but please try to find time on posting something new..thnks n keep up the good work Chris..

PotatoFarmGirl said...

I like jawas! And Powerpuff Z!

Anonymous said...

It's all tasty and done just right Chris! Always fun to see what you've got to dig out for us.

Urban Barbarian said...

It's Fresh and Funky! Great blog, Chris!

burgerlog said...

how about 10% less yapping, 80% more drawings, and 30% less starwars/ dork stuff!!!

ha ha ha

Scott O. said...

I think that I would like to see 15% more "Laff-O-Lympics" where Team-Scooby is the victor and 10 % less of "Lavern and Shirley Join the Army". A sprinkle of "Saturday Supercade" wouldn't be bad either.

Leo said...

I've loved it every time you post some of your work, whether it's new sketches or older stuff...that having been said, the "step by step" thing sounds cool..!

Shellie K said...

HEY WAIT...Whoa who are those cool dudes in the foreground of the first picture...I cant tell by the back of there heads....Lemme guess?
Pauls describing something cool...

boob said...

Hey thanks for stoppin' by Chris! My two cents is just to keep it fresh. I surf the blogs to be inspired. If it's cool I'll like it - keep it up :)

That's the first I've seen of the PPG anime. I'm very interested to see how they've handled everything. Thanks for that post!

MARILLA said... your doodles...!
character designs!

and and what is this PPG..Z?!
I want to see.......
and and and
I made boyz tshirts..

Chris Battle said...

Hey, everyone- Thanks for the feedback. Good to know that I seem to be striking the right balance.

Rick- I'll do some digging and find more construction stuff, tho sometimes in TV animation we don't always have the luxury of doing construction models (Tight deadlines means less drawings; Sad but true.)

Loid- I'm not a BG designer, so I don't have any prod. BGs. But I'll post some final model sheets in the future.

Potato (B)- There will be more Jawas. Soon.

Burger- Never less SW! Only if you do a plush for EPISODE POO: The Phantom Dookie :P I'll always remember how you f*cked w/the guys at "The Line" for Ep 2!

Scott- Maybe I can make room for 4% more "Trollkins"... or maybe not.

Shellie- I think that was some soccer mom. Wouldn't stop talking about Disneyland. Be glad you missed her :D

Mari-chan- Looking forward to your show! and check the next post for more PPG Z.

Miles Thompson said...

oh chris
you kill me man
i want to see some of your HEAD drawings
draw some heads from life - ok man
i love hate my blog
how do you really feel about yours today?
diiig baby

Anonymous said...

more jeff pee...much more. And more um...drakkar noir...buckets.