Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lil' Hellboy

My hard drive is full. My new external drive is on it's way. Until then, Photoshop is not my friend. The massive doodle composite will have to wait. Until Amazon saves the day, I offer you Lil' Hellboy. I just picked up the new STRANGE PLACES book, and I've had Hellboy on the brain.

Today I ate Hell Chicken. The proof is here.

Next Saturday night, May 6th, will be the opening reception for Mari Inukai's show "Syun-ga" (Spring Dreams) at Gallery Nucleus. There will be live music and complimentary sake and otsumami (Oishi!), so get there early!


I guess alot of people hadn't heard about this yet. It was announced a year ago, but I'm not sure if it's begun airing yet. You can find a fan guide to the early promo footage here. A more updated version is here, but it's in Japanese. Still plenty to see, tho. (Be sure to check out the Quicktime movies!)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Odds 'n' Ends (A mini-update)

The biggest art show in LA last week? Well, it was probably still the 8-BIT sequel, but it sure didn't seem that way if you were at Cartoon Network for the Fyn Stec Benefit Art Auction. It was LARGE; A huge night filled with plenty of old friends, and almost all of the original CN gang, most of whom hadn't been at the studio for years! Spirited bidding on an overflowing amount of artwork raised $41,131.00 for Fyn! (For more info, check out the latest post at Fyn's blog here.)

I'm in this picture if you look real close.

(Photos totally stolen from the TAG blog)

Many thanks to my pals Craig & Megan Lewis for their very generous winning bid for my piece! Craig has a crazy new cheezy green-screen puppets 'n' costumes Sid & Marty Krofft on acid kinda show coming up later this year on Adult Swim called SAUL OF THE MOLE PEOPLE. You can check out a lil' tease on YouTube right here:

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of JUXTAPOZ. No, it's not because it's got a Tusken Raider on the cover, it's 'cause inside there's a big interview with my pals Chris Reccardi & Lynne Naylor. Run to your local magazine stand or go here for more info.

Here's some new footage of POWERPUFF GIRLS Z that was floating around YouTube:

YAY ME! Last week my lil' blog passed the 10,000 hit mark! (and I've only been keeping track since late January... how many have I actually had since starting the blog back in November??) Since you're my audience, here's what I wanna find out from you:

What do you guys like to see here at Chris Battle Land? I'm trying to keep the mix fresh-- stuff from all of my past shows mixed in with new doodlings & occasional color works. Like the classic stuff? Like newer doodlings? Wanna see more step-by-step "process" posts? Want 20% more Chewbacca, 5% less Rubik the Amazing Cube??? Let me know!

Doodles will be happening next post. Lots of 'em. You were warned.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Art auction for a cause!

All of you out here in the L.A. area should head over to Cartoon Network in Burbank starting April 17, so you can view and bid on cool artwork by all your favorite cartoon pals (even me) in a special silent auction to benefit a very brave little friend of mine, Fyn Stec. Fyn is fighting liver cancer, and to help his parents with the medical costs, all of us are donating original artwork that will go on exhibit in the lobby of Cartoon Network Studios. On the evening of April 20, you might be the lucky one to take said artwork home after the silent auction! So head on out to Burbank and remember to bid BIG! It's for a good cause. Not in L.A.? You can still place a bid BEFORE the auction begins.

For more information (Dates, times, and an image gallery that will eventually show all 180+ pieces!), click on the picture of Fyn on the right, or check out the blog that's been started so friends and family can stay up to date on Fyn's condition here.

Here's my piece for the show:

(That's right, everyone's favorite...& it can be YOURS!)

Go here to see a gross old picture of me by Dan Krall
that he was kind enough to post on his blog. (Bastard!)