Sunday, May 29, 2011

More DAN VS. Art

We just started work on season 2 of DAN VS., so what better time to share some more designs from season 1:

I based this Andy Warhol-meets-Mr. Brainwash art celebrity on my old Powerpuff/Sam Jack co-worker Chris Mitchell

This TRON-suited version of a holographic zoetrope
rider didn't make the final cut. Shame... I dug it.

... and of course, the best way to end a blog post is with a monkey in a tuxedo.
(His scene wound up getting cut)


There's a new interview with me up on Animation Insider, where I spill the beans about what it's like working in the biz.

Check out all the other interviews while you're there; The site focuses on the real artists in the trenches-- Prop artists, background designers, storyboard artists, painters, directors, etc… the blue collar workers of animation -- who make the award winning shows we all love. Learn who they are, what they do, how they got into the biz and why.