Monday, July 30, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Girls, Girls, Girls!

...Because it can't always be about robots and Star Wars.

The girl working the register at the record store will NOT think
what you're buying is cool, no matter how indie your selections are.

Sort of the best-friend-type girl from a movie where the main guy
doesn't realize he really should hook up with her.

Ever had a friend who wouldn't shut up about the girl that got away?
Not somebody he dated, mind you; Just some girl he saw across the bar
and didn't have the nerve to talk to, so now we have to listen to him whine about it.
Man, why do we still hang out with him?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So that was cool

Last Saturday night was the 2nd (and hopefully annual) Cartoon Network charity auction, and once again, it was big! Check it out:

Finished version of my Pac-Man piece, which sold to someone who's name was too quickly scribbled for me to read.

Brianne is awesome, as always. This piece went to someone with good taste.

Miss Mindy's Pie Bandit

Serapio rocked a cool WINDWAKER Link for his piece.

How awesome is Megan Brain? Pretty damn awesome.

Craig McCracken went old school and actually used zipatone on this one.

Craig Kellman's Tony the Tiger.... a classic done just right.

This lovely Craig Kellman lady went to Shannon Tindle.

One of the driving forces behind the show, Cindy Morrow, of PPG and FOSTER'S fame.

"Saul of the Molemen" creator Craig Lewis, Me, "American Dad" Producer( and SAMURAI JACK alum) Diana Ritchey.

My lovely wife Eiko, Megan Brain, Suzie Vlcek.

Taking a picture with EL TIGRE co-creator Jorge Guiterrez literally stopped him from buying everything in sight.

It wouldn't be a party without Miss Mindy!

Jorge reflects upon his good fortune and love of sugary breakfast cereals.

Not to be outdone, Sandra picked up pieces by Genndy Tartakovsky & Chris Reccardi.

...and in the interest of all things iPhone:

iPhone generously supplied by Gabe Swarr.