Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can you draw Chris Battle? If so, you could have an exciting career in commercial art!!

Forget about Tippy the Turtle or Patchy the Pirate-- apparently, the toughest thing an artist can attempt to draw is yours truly. Take a look at what happened when the gang at Cartoon Network set out to capture the uniqueness that is me:

Nobody tried harder to figure out the magic formula
for drawing me than Paul Rudish and Clay Morrow.
Paul's are above and Clay's are below.

Being office mates on Dexter's and PPG placed current Dreamworks hotshot Andy Bialk in a unique position to study me. Here's two takes from him:

Dan Krall has known me the longest of any of the CN gang,
so his is brilliantly savage (and probably the most accurate):

But wait, there's more:

Andy Suriano

Chris Reccardi

Aaron Springer

Mike Stern
(This is back when I had more facial hair.)

Then there's my guest turn on the Powerpuff Girls
thanks to Stef Choi.

I finally wound up taking a crack at it myself a few years ago.