Monday, April 23, 2007

Uhhh... the dog ate my blog post.

It was recently pointed out to me by one of my disreputable slacker pals that I've been a little absent in posting new stuff. Totally busted. Man, that sucks. Especially 'cause I LOVE giving my friends shit for not updating theirs.

Okay, okay...I've been busting my ass lately on MIGHTY B, leaving little time for bloggy fun, but I don't want to leave you guys without your blogger fix, no matter how meager, so here goes:

Last week saw the premiere of TOO MANY ROBOTS!, part of the Disney Channel's Shorty McShorts' Shorts program. Created by Attaboy and produced by my pals at GHOSTBOT, I did props and character work for this one, which is available for download at the iTunes Music Store as a podcast right HERE.

Check out my MOO Mini-cards! These are too cool. You should get some for yourself. Then when me meet on the street we can trade Moo cards and be Moo buddies. or not.

Here's a few more EL TIGRE pics, too, from the episode with the Titanium Titan:

I'll try to have some TMR! robot silliness ready for next time.


Lynne Naylor Art Show!

It's time for another showing of the super-cool art of Lynne Naylor THIS weekend (April 28) at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs. Her new show, "Teatime", features an all-new collection of lovely ladies enjoying their favorite teas. You can check out an exclusive on-line preview by clicking on the image above. Better yet, head out there and hang from 7:00-10:00 and enjoy the free refreshments and live DJ!