Sunday, March 20, 2011

"DAN VS." Art

Finally finished work on Season 1 of DAN VS., so now I actually have some
time to share my designs with ya:

Drawing Edo-period Japanese characters is fun!

This trick-or-treater wound up hanging upside down tied up in rope,
so here's your chance to actually see him.

Little Elise, from her traumatic New Mexico childhood flashback.

Chris (Voiced by Canuck Dave Foley) reveals his Canadian ancestry by changing into
a bear when threatened, as "all Canadians are half bear" according to Dan.

Ya can't do a proper Canada show without a Sasquatch appearance.

... and check out the billboard I did for the show!
(Along with my original concept art)

This one's up over the 101 FWY in Hollywood (Where Cahuenga meets Barham)
so if you're driving through in the next week or two, keep your eyes peeled!
The billboard isn't up anymore, but you can see some coverage of it HERE!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Q POP Help Japan Art Fundraiser

As you all know, a terrible tragedy has hit Japan. The amount of loss and damage is still not known, but the casualties are now in the thousands.

This is a terrible reminder that disaster can strike at any minute and it's at times like these that we need to let the people of Japan know that their friends around the world will come to their aid and help them in their darkest hour.

A benefit art show has begun at Q-POP in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles featuring works from artists from the L.A. animation and art communities-- RIGHT NOW you can buy artwork that will benefit relief efforts in Japan (80% will go to the International Red Cross and 20% will cover Q-Pop's costs with credit card company charges and staff costs only) with a special auction of remaining artwork on Friday, March 18, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

Q-POP is located at
128 Astronaut E S Onizuka st
Los Angeles Ca 90012

Add this to your Facebook events HERE!

I'm donating 2 prints of my popular TRON Legacy Quorra piece-- One in the standard blue, and a special Sark "Red Faction" variant. Both measure 9 x 16 and sell for $100, and are available NOW! SOLD OUT!