Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sneaky Critters Show

Monday night was a big night for UK artist Sneaky Raccoon as she celebrated the first "birthday" of her nom de art with the Sneaky Critters art show at Bodhi Gallery. Sending out tiny 4" x 4" canvases, she invited her favorite artists near and far to contribute to the special one-night party. I was one of 'em:

All the pieces got their own tiny easel. How cool is that?

If you were there, you got beer, cake, and goody bags. Lucky!!!

A small sampling of the works of over 30 artists in the show.

When you're the only one without a fully painted piece, you really stick out.

You can check out Sneaky's Flickr set of the whole soirée HERE, and also peep Urban Retro's coverage, too.

~ Photos generously supplied by Sneaky Raccoon. ~


CHOWDER Premieres next Friday!

My pal Carl Greenblatt's brand new show CHOWDER premieres Friday, November 2 at 7:30 PM! You know Carl's work from SPONGEBOB and BILLY & MANDY, and now he's got his own crazy show that also features the talents of Anna Chambers, Dan Krall, Phil Rynda and more! Click on the picture above to watch a sneak peak of a full episode!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cartoon Network's red orange-headed step-child first born

C'mon, Cartoon Network.... where's the love for Dex? Not only was Dexter one of the 1st breakout stars of the "What A Cartoon!" shorts experiment, but he also was nominated for numerous Emmys, and would be the launching pad for future CN hits like Samurai Jack, Clone Wars, Powerpuff Girls, and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. Now, not only can you not find it on CN (...only on Boomerang, but it's not available in every market), but it's one of the few CN originals NOT available on DVD.

Now, thanks to Warner Home Video, we DO have a full set of Samurai Jack DVDs, and this year saw the debut of the 1st Powerpuff Girls full-season DVD set. Awesome sets with great extras. But WHERE'S THE DEXTER DVD SET? Some years ago, Columbia House Home Video Club had season sets available, but no longer. A complete series set was produced for a contest winner, but was never made available to the public. (I was lucky enough to find one on eBay) The "Ego Trip" movie was only released on VHS, and never saw a DVD release.

Dexter still has many fans out there who are patiently waiting for a DVD release. C'mon CN/Warner... show your first-born child ya still love him!!!

Here's one of the few episodes I storyboarded. It's not very funny.


Sneaky Critters Show

Hey, UK bloggers: If you happen to find yourself in London on October 22, check out the SNEAKY CRITTERS group show at Bodhi Gallery in Bricklane. I have a piece in the show and will be sharing wall space with 30 other cool artists like Peskimo, Julie West, Elisa Chavarri, and many more. It's celebrating artist Sneaky Raccoon's "birthday", so there will be cake, beer, and goody bags! It's for ONE NIGHT ONLY, kids-- so make sure you go to the opening or you'll miss out!