Friday, March 16, 2012

DAN VS. Season 2 Stuff

What?!? I'm actually posting something NEW?? CRAZY!! Yeah, I've been super busy with the 2nd season of DAN VS., but now that it's finally airing, I get to share my designs from this past year with you guys. This ain't nuthin' tho... there's SO much more crazy shit coming up this season that I can't wait to post. But you'll just have to wait for that...

Dan & Chris in their finest golf-wear, from DAN vs GOLF.

Bonus points for you if you caught the Bill Murray reference.

From DAN vs THE MONSTER UNDER THE BED, I try to get my Mignola on.

From DAN vs THE GYM, here's the robo-cized versions of the main cast

Evil Chad-Bot gets zapped with 5 Million volts. Here's a closer look at my effects design for the sequence.

What's good for Chad is good for Dan-Bot.

From DAN vs DANCING, inbred psychotic cannibals based on old dance movies...


Speaking of DAN VS., earlier this month I was nominated for an Annie Award for "Best Character Design in a Television Production" for my work on the show. What's an Annie Award? It's the animation industry's own award, kinda like a Emmy or Grammy. But for cartoon folk. I didn't win, but like the old cliché goes, it was an honor to be nominated, especially by my own people! there were free drinks.


It's official: I'll be part of the DAN VS. Panel @ the Anaheim WONDERCON on Sunday, March 18th. Join us as we give you the lowdown on how we produce the show!

2:30-3:30 Meet the Creatives Behind DAN VS.— Show creators Chris Pearson and Dan Mandel, along with Brian Sheesley (supervising producer/director), Chris Battle (lead character design) and voice talent Curtis Armstrong ("Dan"), Paget Brewster ("Elise") and Dave Foley ("Chris") talk about the genesis of this hidden gem, now in its third season on The Hub. Join them for a special sneak peak screening of an upcoming episode, followed by a Q&A. Moderated by Tom Kenny ("Spongebob") Room 213


Because you've all been so patient waiting for a new post, here's a lil' treat from my DEXTER'S/POWERPUFF/KICK BUTTOWSKI pal Chris Savino: A short promo film for something silly he's hoping to explore further-- BIGFOOT & GRAY: ON THE RUN. Go to his blog to check out more!