Friday, March 31, 2006

"XIAOLIN" Warriors

Here's some ancient warrior spirits I did for XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN. We had no guidelines, only that they be from different cultures & eras in time. Here's some that I came up with:

This was an extra design I didn't have time to finish. Too bad; she's kinda cool.

Any of you XS fans who also like toys (and there might be one or two of you...) should be on the lookout for the new XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN action figures , available at a mega-store near you. Take it from someone who used to draw them, the sculpts are really good, plus they come with cool little accessories.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

...and starring Chris Battle as himself

Cartoon people is funny. Sometimes we get all giddy/bored/drunk and draw our co-workers into the shows. All of our shows for Cartoon Network are chock full of cartoon cameos by their crew members. Witness:

I did some of the storyboards for "Dexter Detention" and as a goof, added a bunch of crew members to this list. The model designer did me one better and stuck me in with the other delinquents.

When an episode of PPG called for a guy who steals some Powerpuff dolls, Stef Choi decided I looked like a criminal & thus my life of cartoon petty thievery began.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some Post-It Sketches

Believe it or not, those were actually done for work. (Working on an R-rated feature is a totally different kind of animal...)

I did this doodle a few years ago on a little 1.5" x 2" post-it, and it's been a favorite of mine. One of those few times I committed to laying down straight ink.

Remember, kids: This Saturday night is the opening of THE UNICORN SHOW @ GALLERY NUCLEUS! It'll be a big, cool group show featuring work from a lot of my pals like Tony, Stef, Anna, Brianne, Jay, Jenny, Mari, Megan, and Shannon. They make all your favorite cartoons, so go support them!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


While working on DEXTER'S and PPG, I became known as the go-to-guy for giant robots. (...and if you ever watched those shows, you know there was a LOT of 'em...)


Ya know when these robots do all their cool transformer shit? Someone has to figure out how all that stuff actually works:

For THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE, I had to design Kaboom Baboon's BaboomBot, which would be realized in CGI. This required WAY more detailed work than usual: Full turns with no cheats, special drawings for the workings of the hands, etc.

Here's the result:

...All that hard hand-drawn work probably just went to further the myth that 
all cartoons are just "done by a computer". *SIGH*

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dan Krall's Blog

In case you didn't know, this week my pal Dan Krall quietly started up a blog. Don't know the name? You know his work: Aside from designing backgrounds for DEXTER'S LABORATORY and THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, Dan helped Genndy Tartakovsky create the world of SAMURAI JACK, for which he won an Emmy for his Art Direction. After lending his magic to FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS, and MY GYM PARTNER'S A MONKEY, he's now working for LAIKA on their upcoming feature CORALINE.

While Dan's website has been around for awhile, this is the first chance you all have to see sketches of his travels near and far. From Budapest to Burbank, Dan can't help but notice the beautiful ugly people out there and share them with us all.