Thursday, January 26, 2006


One of my more recent gigs was Character Supervisor for Kid's WB's COCONUT FRED'S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND. It was my first time designing for a Flash animated show, and it turned out to be a fun gig! I was able to draw even looser than ever before, eventually developing a style that emulated one of my favorite MAD Magazine artists, Paul Coker Jr., and famed children's book author Jolly Roger Bradfield.

You can check out the work of some my friends/co-conspirators from CF like Matt Danner, Aaron Simpson, Mindy Allen, Tony Candelaria, and Gerald DeJesus by clicking on their names.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ya gotta give me props

Some people think I'm just a character designer. Some people think I'm just a prop designer. The real answer is I'm BOTH. While working on DEXTER'S and PPG, we would design characters, props, and effects. (One or two of these is from JOHNNY TEST, which I freelanced while supervising characters on another show) Here's a sampling of some of my prop designs:

Simple props like these are fun, too:


Coming soon: GIANT ROBOTS