Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Soren Rogers Benefit Art Show

On Saturday, January 19th, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM there will be a special benefit art show at Monkeyhouse Toys in Los Angeles to help my friends convert their mininvan for wheelchair use for their son, Soren.

When he was 9 months old, Soren was diagnosed with a seizure disorder called Infantile Spasms. He is now 4 years old, and unfortunately all of his seizures have caused him global developmental delay. Soren needs your help to make the family mini-van wheelchair accessible. Medical insurance doesn't pay for this, and as you can imagine, care for a special needs child is already quite expensive, so a bunch of us are donating our artwork to raise funds. You can read more about Soren HERE. Be sure to click the pic above to see an extra HUGE version of the flyer so you can check out all the artists involved! (Over 40 animators, illustrators, painters, and photographers)

Participating artists include Andrew Brandou, Anna Chambers, Mark Andrews, Lauren Faust, Seonna Hong, Chris Reccardi, Andy Suriano, Paul Rudish, Craig McCracken, and me, too. Here's my contribution:

Yes, you have seen a digital version of this before, but this one is "real", done in ad markers and pencil on watercolor paper. If you're in the area, come on down and see all the cool art.... maybe you can grab something by one of your favorites! If you're out of town, on-line sales will be set up by the night of the show.


100,000?!?? HOLY CRAP!!!
Sometime at the end of last month, my blog quietly registered it's 100,000th hit, according to the ClustrMaps counter you can see up on the right. (and I only started keeping track in June of 2006.... the blog's been up since Nov 2005) That's crazy. Thanks, guys.... I couldn't have done it without ya! Sheesh... with so many people checking in, I better update more often. It's a new year, so anything could happen. Stay tuned.


Shellie K said...

See ya there !
Congrats again ;p

xenos said...

chris, dude, this sounds like another worthy cause man. anyway i could contribute a piece too or is it too late.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hey Chris thank you so much for you comment. Your work rocks, good luck with everything man!
I wanted to thank you also for posting that amazing version of Mononoke. I had heard about that at the time, but that little jewel is so hard to find.
So have a fantastic new year and speak to you soon.
Take care,

PotatoFarmGirl said...

Hand colored Battle goodness?! Who's cuticles are those? They look well maintained! I stole the .jpg of the flyer from your blog and put it on my blog, GWA HA HA HAA!!!

Anonymous said...

100,000? Good job.

Mukpuddy said...

Congrats dude!! Hey what's an email I can reach you on? - Alex

Chris Battle said...

Alex- Check just above my links and click where it says "Email me"; It's also on my profile page.

Mick said...

hey don't i win something for being the 100,000ist customer? Jeez i waited until just the right moment and now a complete shun, cold shouldy, slap in the kisser... have some humanity man and send me something either for free or for at least, discounted.