Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can you draw Chris Battle? If so, you could have an exciting career in commercial art!!

Forget about Tippy the Turtle or Patchy the Pirate-- apparently, the toughest thing an artist can attempt to draw is yours truly. Take a look at what happened when the gang at Cartoon Network set out to capture the uniqueness that is me:

Nobody tried harder to figure out the magic formula
for drawing me than Paul Rudish and Clay Morrow.
Paul's are above and Clay's are below.

Being office mates on Dexter's and PPG placed current Dreamworks hotshot Andy Bialk in a unique position to study me. Here's two takes from him:

Dan Krall has known me the longest of any of the CN gang,
so his is brilliantly savage (and probably the most accurate):

But wait, there's more:

Andy Suriano

Chris Reccardi

Aaron Springer

Mike Stern
(This is back when I had more facial hair.)

Then there's my guest turn on the Powerpuff Girls
thanks to Stef Choi.

I finally wound up taking a crack at it myself a few years ago.


Kristen McCabe said...

haaa! They need to add your mug to the Tippy the Turtle and Patchy the Pirate test since you're so hard to draw.

I had to mosey on over to Flickr to remember what you looked like. I think your co-workers did a great job. I love the one of you in the hat.

I like how everyone draws you happy. That just shows us that you're as nice and friendly on the interwebs as you are in real life.

Kenji Ono said...

nice drawings.
so much character in your style.

roque said...

If I were to take a crack at drawing you, it would look like an email. A hard working, butt-kicking email.

...with a laser gun.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Dude! Was that a real PPG episode? Thats awesome!

Mukpuddy said...

These are great dude, you guys must have a lot of fun me thinks!!

Anna Fleissner said...

Speaking of the Powerpuff girls...

Ever seen this before?

PotatoFarmGirl said...

I can't draw Battle. But I can draw a crab. Crab Battle.

James Sutton said...

I lol'd on blogger.

flashfox said...

Now I'm gonna have to try and draw you. I just gotta.

flashfox said...

Here's my try

Adam Temple said...

Funny stuff. I really liked the peeling effect on that sperm whale in the short...eewwwww!haha

Martin Hsu said...

You are much more horrible looking than your friends draw you, Battle. But, I like you anyway.

Mother Earth said...

These are so awesome Chris!! I think Paul captured you best, tho they're all amazing.

Adrian C. said...

Maybe you just post a photo of yourself and let others take a crack at drawing you. That would be something!

Anyway, I love this post. It's cool to see how some animation hotshots draw the same subject.

Unknown said...

THese are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

These are very beautiful