Sunday, January 18, 2009


Naw, that's not an idle boast-- That's the title of the ALL NEW PPG SPECIAL celebrating the girls' 10th anniversary airing Monday, Jan. 19, at 8 p.m. (ET, PT) on Cartoon Network!*

Last spring I returned to CN to work on the special, which was written and directed by creator Craig McCracken, and featured the Art Direction of my fellow OG PPG crew member Sue Mondt, as well as the fine work of SAM JACK/CLONE WARS colorist Leticia Lacy, FOSTER'S vets Ben Balistreri and Shannon Tindle, Shane Prigmore, C. Raggio and more!

This is the first Powerpuff Girls ever animated ENTIRELY at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank by the Foster's Flash crew, led by Pringle.

Stay tuned, 'cause in the next few weeks I'll be posting some of my designs from the special. Man, it's been tough sitting on these babies for almost a year!

*Yeah, I know it already aired in Europe and Asia, but just go with it, OK?


DarylT said...

Really, it hasn't aired in the U.K. yet.

Chris Battle said...

I just go by what I read... :P


OH YEAH THAT'S TONIGHT!!!! Can't wait to see your work man!!! I hope you are kicking ass!! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

marathon all DAAAY ! CRAZY MEMORIES !!!
I was recalling all the great pitches !
Getting a SAMICH with Don and Dave Smith craziness...I havent seen some the episodes in years !

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Dang it. I'm gonna be out during the airing. I've been watching PPG all day and was looking forward to the new ep. Hopefully someone will post it online!

Jim Mortensen said...

The special was awesome. Congrats to you & everyone on it.

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Do you happen to know what Craig's top 10 episodes were? I caught #10 - 6, which were:

10 - Mime for a Change
9 - Monkey See, Doggy Do
8 - Meet the Beat Alls
7 - Twisted Sister
6 - Uh Oh Dynamo

Puga Vida said...

It was awesome! I cant wait to see your designs!

wolfboy said...

Wow. You're old, man. hehehe

Hey, can you burn me a copy of "Substitute Creature"??

Anonymous said...

Saw the show Chris - Amazing work. I'm keeping that episode saved on DVR to watch over and over. Glad to hear it was all done here by the crew at CN - it really shows. The quality was just as good as the PowerPuff Girls Movie.

Looking forward to seeing the pics!

victoriaying said...

awesome! cant wait to see your designs!

Chris Battle said...

Drake- The special is on the new complete series DVD set that just came out. I hear it's pan-n-scan, tho :( (But the bittorrent I found was widescreen)

Andy- I need to wait for my copy to arrive via snail mail first!

Shelly- I know! BACK-IN-THE-DAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Yaaay for the PPG! =D

Will Finn said...

wow, this is like a dream come true. i used to watch the show and be wonder why such flash-friendly art was being animated the "old fashioned" way. this new one looks great I will look around for the dvd.
And welcome back PPG. Good to see you again

spacesick said...

Sweetness! I haven't seen it on the teevee, but it looks fantastic.

Have you seen my friend Justin's week of Powerpuff Girls villains in honor of the anniversary? I bet he'd get a real kick out of it if you swung by!

spacesick said...

Oh you already did. Well there ya go!

Lookin forward to seeing those designs! Since you don't update your flickr, I had to come all the way back here for my Battle fix- and I'm gonna get something out of it, dammit.

PotatoFarmGirl said...

I am so grumpy that I missed this. It is on the new dvd set, right? Then I could watch it in wonderful high quality glory. The bit about all the villians looking for the key was pretty fun! I miss that show, and Dexter. YnY

Hobo Divine said...

Hey Chris!

Just picked up the PPG 10th anni-set.
Great work!
I remember forcing everyone to watch the PPG's while I was at the NFB in the board room! Back in the days of VHS tapes.

What a great show to be a part of!
Thank you for posing.

~ Hobo