Wednesday, June 06, 2012

More DAN VS. Art

It wouldn't be my blog without an insanely long wait between posts, would it?  Things were so crazy, we were finishing up season 2 of DAN VS. while at the same time starting designs on season 3!  Now things are even crazier since I started work on a sooooper-secret mystery project in my evening hours that I can't share with you just yet, but hopefully this post full of art from our film noir episode will tide you over...



(Clean-up & color by the talented Camille Stancin)

The entire 1st season of DAN VS. will be available on DVD
 in late July, so PRE-ORDER IT NOW!

1 comment:

Ingrid-daisy said...

I'm in love with Poopsie the Cat!
I'm also a mega admirer of unicorns.
Seeing these illustrations really cheered me up.
As always beautiful line work.

Ingrid x