Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Q-POP Benefit Art Show!

On January 14th, I'll be part of a group show at Q-POP in Little Tokyo to benefit Thailand flood relief. Recent flooding in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia have left thousands dead and 100's of thousands homeless or short on food. Damage has been estimated in the billions. Come down to Q-Pop for a fundraiser/art sale and hang out with friends, enjoy some music and art, and most importantly, help some people in need. Tune in Tokyo will be spinning some great tunes!! More info HERE.  

A framed 7 x 17 print of my "VooDoo Love" piece will be up for auction!
Bid on some girlie art for a good cause!

Donating artists include:
Junko Mizuno
Elizabeth Ito
Kevin Dart
Tim Biskup
Amanda Visell
Shane Glines
Craig McCracken
Lauren Faust
Anna Chambers
Billy Idol ( yes...THAT Billy Idol
Shiyoon Kim
Miles Thompson
Paul Rudish
Carey Yost
and many more...


Bonus dodo bird doodle.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, did you happen to do some artwork for something called Ben 10 Omniverse? There's this picture of Ben that looks like it may have been drawn by you or someone with a similar style. If not, please disregard this question.

Chris Battle said...

I actually DID recently do some work on the show, but just some fun, goofy alien stuff. Ben and the gang have been re-designed for the new series by Transformers Animated's Derrick Wyatt. It's gonna be cool!

pakoto said...

great contribution Chris!