Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So that was cool

Last Saturday night was the 2nd (and hopefully annual) Cartoon Network charity auction, and once again, it was big! Check it out:

Finished version of my Pac-Man piece, which sold to someone who's name was too quickly scribbled for me to read.

Brianne is awesome, as always. This piece went to someone with good taste.

Miss Mindy's Pie Bandit

Serapio rocked a cool WINDWAKER Link for his piece.

How awesome is Megan Brain? Pretty damn awesome.

Craig McCracken went old school and actually used zipatone on this one.

Craig Kellman's Tony the Tiger.... a classic done just right.

This lovely Craig Kellman lady went to Shannon Tindle.

One of the driving forces behind the show, Cindy Morrow, of PPG and FOSTER'S fame.

"Saul of the Molemen" creator Craig Lewis, Me, "American Dad" Producer( and SAMURAI JACK alum) Diana Ritchey.

My lovely wife Eiko, Megan Brain, Suzie Vlcek.

Taking a picture with EL TIGRE co-creator Jorge Guiterrez literally stopped him from buying everything in sight.

It wouldn't be a party without Miss Mindy!

Jorge reflects upon his good fortune and love of sugary breakfast cereals.

Not to be outdone, Sandra picked up pieces by Genndy Tartakovsky & Chris Reccardi.

...and in the interest of all things iPhone:

iPhone generously supplied by Gabe Swarr.


Unknown said...

Ha ha! I'm first!!! at LAST!! do I get a prize? or a good clop in the chops... hmmm? he he, nice seeing you Mr. Batts... yeah, whatta fun show- - -

Alexei Martins said...

Oh that's awesome!!

Mukpuddy said...

Holy smokes, what an awesome event!! So much talent in one room!!

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Thanks for posting such great pics of the event! Especially nice for those of us who weren't there. Congrats to Sandra for getting those awesome pieces... and to whoever got yours as well! Just curious, what was the price range for pieces in this show?

Unknown said...

Wooo ... you take photos from the auction night!! Good time!!

Anonymous said...

looks like it was great night.

spleenal said...

What a cool show.
Mark my words Pac man, that red red ghost girl's trouble.

Lauren said...

So much awesome art! Can I be that good when I grow up?

Amy said...

Dayyyyaaaammnn... I wish I'd contributed something now :(

Chris Battle said...

Mindy- 1st in everyone's hearts, lil' buddy :)

pumml- You can check the auction site gallery for the initial price breakdown, but most pieces started at $10, while "celebrity" works started at $100 or more. No idea how high some of them went in the end, but since most of the winners of those were creators of other shows, that should tell you something ;)

Alina- Good to see you and your pals at the auction!

Brian- Were you at the show? It was so crazy there, but would've liked to meet ya.

Lauren- I bet a cool AVATAR drawing would've brought big $$ for the kiddos. Next time, maybe?

Amy- Your Retro Disney Girl pin-ups would've gone BIG, guaranteed. (and since it's for charity, no leagal hassles from the mouse house!)

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Thanks, Chris. I had a feeling the winners dropped some serious money for those!

paige said...

Thank you for sharing pictures, Chris!
Now I can weep knowing exactly what I missed out on. I hope it's an annual thing...I'll start saving now (or, sell a show! ha ha!)

PotatoFarmGirl said...


Von Kreep said...

Wow! What a cool event! All of those piece's rock! I'm very jealous of Sandra's purchases indeed!!!

Scott Wright said...

Wish I could have made it....lots of awesome work.

Anonymous said...

I was in Boston that night.
I'd like to plan a trip out
to the West Coast and meet
lots of these great artists.

I sent a print (may have marked it
a bit high- first time doing a charity event) I hope it found a good home- or was at least recycled:)

Dave Dick said...

Wow, looks like a great time!

uri said...

Hello, Chris!

Thanks for your gentle comment...you've a very, very good work here...uauuhhh!

Anonymous said...

Wow - great show!

Miles Thompson said...

what in sam hell did you do to that kellman piece??? photoshop blippers styles...glare sucks, i know