Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dan Krall's Blog

In case you didn't know, this week my pal Dan Krall quietly started up a blog. Don't know the name? You know his work: Aside from designing backgrounds for DEXTER'S LABORATORY and THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, Dan helped Genndy Tartakovsky create the world of SAMURAI JACK, for which he won an Emmy for his Art Direction. After lending his magic to FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS, and MY GYM PARTNER'S A MONKEY, he's now working for LAIKA on their upcoming feature CORALINE.

While Dan's website has been around for awhile, this is the first chance you all have to see sketches of his travels near and far. From Budapest to Burbank, Dan can't help but notice the beautiful ugly people out there and share them with us all.

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